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CarterCraig provides sales and marketing counselling on a project basis
The principals at CarterCraig are best described as ‘Fixers’ –– capable of high-level strategic thinking and active goal-oriented execution. More simply stated, we figure it out… then stay on task until the job is done.

Surprisingly, this turns out to be a remarkably unique skill set.

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome. We solve problems. We get things done.
We help organizations tackle troublesome business issues when they don’t have specific specialized skills internally, when existing human resources are stretched and cannot address the task on a timely basis or when a fresh perspective is needed to help an organization break out of patterned thinking.

We solve problems. Sometimes very creatively. More often through hard work, inquisitive minds and relentless application of plain vanilla common sense. Most projects involve working along side your own people –– walking the fine line between getting the job done and upsetting the status quo.

Each year CarterCraig has the pleasure of working with some of Canada’s most distinguished and enlightened organizations
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A fast start, bright insights, results oriented… a complex consulting project well handled… a run-away success
Michelle Desreux | Centric Health
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CarterCraig reflected an intuitive understanding, as well as an experienced perspective of what was required
Alice Gur-Arie | TD Waterhouse
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Feedback was nothing short of a rave review
Carol Ann Horvat | AT&T Canada
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…professionalism, sense of ownership, first class creative & management talent are unmatched in my experience
Reg Jordan | Aijon Canada / Rand Worldwide Conference
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You made us look like stars… positive feedback for the conference… much of the praise should go to you… Awards Show a big hit!
Colleen Moorehead | CIBC Mkts
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A huge success. Thank you for an outstanding job... somehow you made it all seem easy
Debbie Yip | Biovale Corporation
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Enjoyed CarterCraig's relaxed yet professional style… appreciated their sensitivity to our corporate culture
Donna Lodu | Mark's Work Wearhouse
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Wonderfully creative & innovative from start to finish. The audience was in awe… the opening video blew them away
Yvonne Kain | Gillette Canada

We’ve helped organizations large and small solve difficult problems and achieve important business goals.

We have a down-to-earth work style and corporate sensitivity that has proven a comfortable choice for many enlightened organizations.

Blue chip clients like Accenture, AFLAC, Centric Health Surgical, CIBC Mellon, Campbell Soup, Gillette, Monsanto, Procter & Gamble and Thomson Reuters.

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Common Sense

Relentlessly Applied

High-level strategic thinking and active goal-oriented execution over a variety of industries and challenges

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